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Genet. Sel. Evol. Vol. 39 No. 1

Genetics Selection Evolution

Vol. 39 No. 1 (January-February 2007)

  • Editorial     p. 1
    The Editors
    Abstract | PDF file (20.80 KB)

  • Optimisation of contribution of candidate parents to maximise genetic gain and restricting inbreeding using semidefinite programming (Open Access publication)     p. 3
    Ricardo Pong-Wong and John A. Woolliams
    Abstract | PDF file (325.8 KB) | References

  • Improved techniques for sampling complex pedigrees with the Gibbs sampler     p. 27
    K. Joseph Abraham, Liviu R. Totir and Rohan L. Fernando
    Abstract | PDF file (96.58 KB) | References

  • Bayes factor for testing between different structures of random genetic groups: A case study using weaning weight in Bruna dels Pirineus beef cattle     p. 39
    Joaquim Casellas, Jesús Piedrafita and Luis Varona
    Abstract | PDF file (110.0 KB) | References

  • Character process model for semen volume in AI rams: evaluation of correlation structures for long and short-term environmental effects     p. 55
    Ingrid David, Loys Bodin, Gilles Lagriffoul, Eduardo Manfredi and Christèle Robert-Granié
    Abstract | PDF file (293.5 KB) | References

  • Associations of myostatin gene polymorphisms with performance and mortality traits in broiler chickens     p. 73
    Xianghai Ye, Stewart R. Brown, Kátia Nones, Luiz L. Coutinho, Jack C.M. Dekkers and Susan J. Lamont
    Abstract | PDF file (313.7 KB) | References

  • Mitochondrial diversity and the origin of Iberian sheep     p. 91
    Susana Pedrosa, Juan-José Arranz, Nuno Brito, Antonio Molina, Fermín San Primitivo and Yolanda Bayón
    Abstract | PDF file (604.6 KB) | References

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