Aims and scope

Genetics Selection Evolution is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to original research on all facets of Genetics and Selection in farm and experimental animals, as well as in related species. With the huge recent increase in amount and variety of genetic data, future advances in Animal Genetics will require even more than before the coming together and the successful integration of varied results and techniques. GSE will contribute to these new developments by publishing relevant research papers, reviews and letters to the editor.

The journal accepts basic, applied and methodological works which will help understand, maintain and make better use of animal genetic variability. It publishes results at all levels of study, from the gene to the quantitative trait, and from the individual to the population, the breed or the species. Both the biological approach, from Molecular Genetics to Animal Sciences, and the mathematical one, from Population Genetics to Statistics, are welcome. Specific areas of interest include: gene identification, mapping, QTL and markers, functional genomics, cytogenetics, genetic diversity of populations and breeds, genetic evaluation, applied and experimental selection, statistical methodology of quantitative and mixed inheritance.

As of 2009, Genetics Selection Evolution will be published by BioMed Central.